City and Islington College

2010 Esther Benjamins Trust

Post-production with BBC Producer Vicki Lines to edit her three short films for Esther Benjamins Trust.

City and Islington Induction Video: 2005

Driven to Rescue: Shailaja CM believes all children should live in safety. She travels to one of the most prolific trafficking regions of Nepal, rescuing those children most at risk and giving them a brighter future.

Sunita’s Story: The Esther Benjamins Trust rescued Sunita from an Indian circus two years ago. She speaks of her time there, the pain she endured and the new lease of life she has recently found through mosaic art.

Lost and Found: Over 500 Nepali children are thought to be detained in juvenile homes throughout India. To their families they are lost, often feared dead. Volunteer Vicki Lines joins a rescue mission to free two such children and reunite them with their families.

2009 Candi Podcasts

Lively and informative, these podcasts are a new initiative by City and Islington’s E-Learning Department. They are designed to give students and staff information on various college services in a quick and easy video podcast format. For more like this see MoLe TV at

2009 Sharing Best Practice

Set of 5 x 10 minute videos that demonstrate good teaching practice for City and Islington College’s Teaching & Learning website so they can be used for teacher induction, self directed / CPD, teacher training, one to one coaching and lesson observation feedback

2007 Deloittes Videos

Video portraits of teaching and training staff as part of delivering Employability Skills professional development programmes.

2007 A Future for Jeffrey

10’ portrait of a student and new technology used in education. For the Association of Colleges conference

2005 City and Islington Induction Video

City and Islington Induction Video: 2005

10’ Promotional film for City and Islington Adult Learner’s Centre. 
A DVD induction video to introduce students to the new award winning building in Finsbury Park, North London.